In Need Of Service & Maintenance?

We offer ongoing service and maintenance solutions tailored to your business needs. Our team are here to ensure your electrical systems and services are well maintained. This preventative method of maintenance allows us to avoid any potential problems, making sure your business operations are not interrupted.   

What We Offer


Full-service re-tubing operation can solve any heat exchanger issue. Sometimes tube testing finds excess pitting, advanced wall loss, or leaks that prohibit re-installation. Our re-tubing team can quickly return any heat exchanger to service with a full re-tube, partial re-tube, or single tube replacement. We have a large inventory of smooth and finned tubing in a variety of metals, diameters, wall thickness, fin heights and spacing of integral, wound, or plate fins.

Test & Tagging

We provide testing and tagging services by which electrical equipment is inspected and tested for safety according to set intervals. Our support team can notify you when your test and tag obligations are due to ensure your business is completely compliant with the current Australian workplace standards.

RCD Testing

RCDs can only provide ongoing protection if they are operational. We provide RCD testing, repair, replacement and upgrade services. We can supply and install your safety switch and make sure your workplace is protected against electric shock.

Thermal Imaging

If you are experiencing water problems in your home or building, the main concern is to find out where it’s coming from, and stop it. We understand this, and we have the tool to help. Thermal Imaging. There is nothing like thermal imaging to find the cause of your problem. This amazing tool can detect changes in temperature by less than .05 of a degree. We can see why a certain wall may be a little bit colder than the one next to it. We can help find your water problem and normally, without any damage to the drywall or structure.

Building Upgrades

Facility Directors and Managers are being tasked with more responsibilities while working with reduced budgets and internal manpower. With a track record of more than a million completed projects across a wide range of sectors such as hospitality, retail, retail centers, restaurants, grocery, banks, and convenience stores, customers trust EMG to manage their projects’ schedule, budget, and project quality. And they tell us that having EMG’s dedicated and flexible project management team as an extension of their own is critical to the successful completion of their building upgrade initiatives.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Isn’t time you upgraded to LED lighting? As one of the most energy efficient lighting options available, the switch to LED lighting could save you money on your utility bill. Since LED lights are more efficient, you get the same amount of light with roughly a quarter of the energy! You will see lower energy consumption on Day 1 of your switch.

Quarterly Maintenance Checks

Feel free to use this checklist yourself. Most clients have me do this review remotely, but we sometimes go onsite for it. If you are keeping things up to date, then the review is very quick. If you are not keeping things up to date then it’ll take longer to do everything. If you are confident you can handle this yourself, then there is no need for me to check up on you, or perhaps you’d like us to check only once a year. Its up to you.

Why Choose Us

Complete Electrical & Communication Solutions have over 15 years experience in small to large commercial and residential projects. Complete has built a reputation through their service and delivery, establishing themselves as one of Australia’s leading electrical and communications providers. 


We always provide the highest quality work and service.


We put client satisfaction at the forefront of all of our work.


We are very proactive from design through to delivery. 

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